Elevating your SEO game is highly essential if you want to increase your website visibility in search engines. It will you to attract maximum visitors to your site, and increase the overall revenue. 

There is a huge variety of tools that can help you quickly and efficiently lift up your SEO game. In this article, I will be discussing the seven of them in complete detail. So, without discussing any other thing, let’s head toward the details. 

7 Best SEO Tools to Raise the SEO Game in 2023

On top of the list, I have one of the most popular SEO tools in the world. SEMrush helps site admins in boosting their SEO games in a number of ways. 

For instance, this tool allows users to monitor site traffic in detail. It provides insights into the overall traffic that a site is receiving from different regions. With this tool, site owners can also monitor the overall traffic of their competitors. 

Along with this, Semrush also helps in conducting thorough keyword research. Just provide a word or phrase to it, and the tool will come up with useful insights like its search volume (region vice), keyword difficulty, variations, questions, and CPC as well. 

Moreover, with the help of Semrush, users can also monitor the backlink profile of a site. In the backlink profile of a site, this SEO tool will provide insights like referring domains, outbound domains, total backlinks, monthly visits, etc. 

One of the amazing things is that it allows users to perform detailed SEO audits of a site. This audit will greatly help you in creating effective strategies to lift up the SEO game. 


  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate data insights
  • Provide every detail about a website
  • Available in both free and paid versions 


  • Only provide 10 search queries to free users
  • Most of its features are for paid users 

PrepostSEO – a comprehensive suite of 95+ SEO tools that are available in both free and paid versions and are listed on the homepage of the site. So that, users don’t have to spend time and effort to find the required tool. 

Some of the most popular SEO-related tools of PrepostSEO are as follows: 

Plagiarism Checker: We all know that plagiarism-free content is one of the major elements of SEO. This plagiarism detection tool makes use of advanced algorithms that compare the given text with millions of sources available on the internet to find any plagiarized content. If any is found, the tool will underline it with a red line along the matched source. 

Paraphrasing tool: The paraphrase tool by PrepostSEO will allow admins, or bloggers to quickly paraphrase their web content to improve its overall quality. The tool works by first efficiently understanding the text, and then paraphrasing it by changing words and phrases with the appropriate synonyms, alteration of sentence structure, etc. 

Text Summarizer: As the name indicates, this tool will help users quickly create short and concise descriptions and conclusions for the web content. It works by first understanding the text and then generating its short and concise version by only using the main points from the given text.

So, these are some of the useful SEO tools offered by PrepostSEO. 


  • Intuitive user interface
  • 95+ SEO tools
  • Available in 24 languages
  • Availability of mobile application


  • Too many ads 

Google Trends is another excellent tool that can give a boost to your SEO game. It is basically a website developed by Google that helps users analyze the top searched queries in the Google search. One of the best things, it provides useful data for both region and language vice. 

The site makes use of graphs to efficiently compare the search volume of different searched queries over time. All you have to do is provide a word or phrase to it, and Google Trends will quickly come up with the latest trends of the input all around the world. 

Additionally, it also allows users to filter out the output results according to their personal preferences. For instance, users can get output results region, time, category, and web search (image, news, YouTube) vice. 

One more thing is that it allows users to download and share the trends graph. Google Trends database is updated on a daily (24 hours) basis, which means, users will get fresh data every day. 

By utilizing this tool, bloggers and marketers can pick the most hot or trending topics in their region and increase their SEO performance. This tool is completely free to use and is available in several languages so that users from different parts of the world can make use of it in their own language. 


  • Easy and free to use 
  • Highly accurate and fresh output results
  • Supports several international languages


  • I did not find any cons

This is another excellent SEO tool that is widely used to perform technical audits of websites. It is being used for several purposes like: 

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Pay-per-click management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

However, it is important to note that, you cannot use this online. Instead, you have to download it either on your laptop or PC to start the audit process. After downloading, launch the tool and enter the site URL in the given search bar. 

The tool’s special SEO spider will quickly fetch all the data of the inputted domain. The data will include internal and external links, meta keywords, URLs, page titles, descriptions, images, headings tags, directories, and many more. By using this data, you can determine the areas where your site needs improvement. 

Additionally, this tool also provides a sitemap and details about the estimated response time of the site. One of the best things is that it allows you to track the progress of your audits. 


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Provide detailed technical site audits
  • Track audit progress
  • Schedule audits
  • Visualization of site architecture


  • Users have to download it before using

This is yet another excellent tool for SEO. DA PA Checker helps webmasters check their site’s performance in search results by measuring both the domain and page authority of their websites. The tool operates on Moz Premium APIs, which means it can accurately measure the domain authority and page authority score of the given website. 

Additionally, this tool not only provides the DA and PA of a site, but also provides: 

  • Domain rating score
  • URL rating
  • Site traffic
  • Spam score
  • Moz Rank 
  • Indexed Pages in Google

Moreover, DA PA Checker offers several other tools that can lift up your site’s SEO performance. For example.  

Backlink generator: With the help of a backlink generator marketers or bloggers can quickly create quality backlinks for their website. All they have to do is to just paste the site link in the given box, and hit the “Generate backlink” and the tool will quickly generate multiple quality backlinks for it. 

Sitemap generator: This is yet another SEO tool of DA PA Checker that can elevate your SEO game. The sitemap generator will help you to generate a sitemap of the input website, while also giving you the option to download it. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Available in both free and paid plans
  • Integration of other tools


  • Frustrating ads on the homepage
  1. AnswerthePublic

Anserthepublic is a highly useful and accurate SEO tool. It works by gathering necessary data from search engines like Google, or Bing, and then quickly provides every useful yet relevant question related to the input keyword. 

In general words, this tool provides the most frequently searched questions against the input keyword. Users can include those questions in their content and increase the chances of ranking in search results. 

Additionally, Answerthepublic not only provides questions that are being searched on search engines like Google. But it also provides searched questions on YouTube as well. Not just this, the tool also provides both the search volume and Cost-per-Click (CPC) of the entered keyword. 

One of the amazing things, it allows users to find out questions based on their preferred region and language. 

But keep in mind that, it is a freemium tool and only provides 3 search queries for free users with registered accounts. 


  • User-intuitive interface
  • Provides hundreds of relevant questions for the given keyword
  • Allows users to get results according to their selected region and language
  • Search volume and CPC of the input keyword


  • Only provides 3 search queries in a day to free users
  1. Keywordsheeter

This is the last SEO tool on my list. It is a completely free-to-use keyword research tool and works on a completely different approach compared to other tools. This tool fetches data about keywords from thousands of autocomplete suggestions from Google. 

In order to use Keyword sheeter, all you have to do is to just input a keyword in the given box, and then the tool will come up with a detailed list of keyword suggestions. Just all other SEO tools, it also allows users to perform keyword research based on a specific region and language.

Additionally, it also provides advanced options in which users can add a sub-region to find more relevant keywords. 

However, it asks users to purchase the subscription to save or download the list of keywords. 


  • Free to use
  • No search query limit
  • Provided hundreds of keyword ideas


  • Users have to purchase the subscription to save the file

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the mind-blowing tools that you can use to lift up the SEO of your site. Each tool has its own benefits and downsides. This is why, I have discussed them in detail.