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Tips for Remote Digital Marketing Teams to Achieve Peak Productivity

Although many digital marketing companies have adopted a remote working model, they are still struggling to keep their teams happy and productive. 

Remote work brings along its own set of challenges, such as a lack of professional environment, social isolation, improper time management, poor work-life balance, and others. In this post, we will share five tips that will help you to keep your remote employees productive and motivated.

5 Tips to Boost the Productivity of Your Remote Digital Marketing Team

1. Invest in a Coworking Space

Working from a coworking space provides remote workers an opportunity to work in a professional environment while having access to modern amenities. It eliminates work-from-home distractions and boosts employee productivity. Around 46% of employees working from coworking spaces have observed an enhancement in their productivity.

Coworking spaces also offer incredible networking opportunities to employees, thereby putting an end to social isolation and loneliness. This interesting infographic by The Address shares the latest coworking stats that support coworking spaces as the best option for remote workers.

2. Communicate Your Team Goals

Effective communication is one of the strong pillars of a productive remote team. Uphold a culture of open communication. Achieve goals by brainstorming ideas collectively. For instance, the entire marketing team (remote or at-office) can work towards making a solid digital marketing strategy by collaborating through communication platforms. 

Monitor the marketing performance and optimize your campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.

Also, encouraging your team to connect and communicate will make them more productive and is key to effective collaboration. This strategy will help you ensure that you’re working towards creating a strong digital marketing plan together.

You can use employee productivity templates to increase teamwork and challenge worker productivity. It will help set and organize your team’s goals. It is also best to monitor your marketing performance to assess the efficacy of communication and work efforts of your team. By focusing on clear communication, adaptability, and using productivity tools, your remote marketing team can work together to be more productive.

3. Leverage the Right Digital Marketing Tools

Invest in the right tools to optimize existing processes and enhance marketing productivity. Utilize tools, such as email marketing software, social media scheduler, lead generation tool, and more to simplify the marketing operations for your team.

Leverage automation to speed up mundane tasks so that your team can allocate more time to top-priority tasks.

Additionally, investing in virtual employee engagement tools can help to foster a positive company culture and boost employee morale, which can ultimately lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

4. Recognize Your Employees’ Efforts

Recognizing good work and motivating the team are important for employee engagement and retention. Rewards and recognition drive a sense of value and security among remote employees. High-quality engraved recognition awards can play a crucial role in this regard.

Send small gifts to the employees who are performing well or initiate performance-based incentives or bonuses for your remote team. A simple recognition can also go a long way in making them feel special.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Outsource

Digital marketing is one field that requires team members to juggle multiple tasks. Asking your team to do it all may hamper their productivity. This is why outsourcing is a wise decision. 

Hire experienced professionals with the desired skills and knowledge and achieve better results faster. For example, you can hire professional content writers to write articles, website copy, social media captions, and more. 

Wrapping Up

Remote work has become the way of life for businesses. That’s why it’s critical that you work towards helping your remote team work productively. Follow the tips we shared in this post to help your remote employees achieve maximum productivity.