Digital Marketing

Common Beginners Mistakes In Digital Marketing

I probably made 100k mistakes in digital marketing. It’s painful, but I learned a lot.

  • The Shiny Object Syndrome: The Magic Bullet

It’s not uncommon for marketers to jump from one tactic to another, and one platform to another. There is after all SEO, Youtube ads, Facebook ads and all sorts of ways to get attention to your business. In business, marketers face the shiny object syndrome.

I understand. I used to be that guy that purchases books and NOT practices them in school. It felt good. In school, I can’t tell you how many times I lost interest and looked for another field or subject to get good at.

In our fitness life, you end up obsessing over whether you should take this diet or THAT diet? Should you lift heavy or lift by the number of reps? The truth is that fundamentals work across the board.  Focus matters.

In marketing, it doesn’t matter if you’re running Google ads or Facebook ads: you need a great offer and great positioning.  They are the fundamentals of any marketing campaign. The key is to pick one and focus. Here, we rock at SEO services in Singapore.

  • Give Customers What They Want, Not What You Think They Want

In marketing, you need to give your audience what they want.  Your audience wants a line by line script on how to pick up a girl, not you telling them to change their poor mindset about girls.

If you’re not giving what your audience wants in your marketing copy, you’re not going to get anywhere and no one is going to purchase from you. This is why learning to write copy is important.

  •  Not Positioning Your Business

Once as a starting SEO consultant, We often got pushed around by clients. The sales pitch were poor and we couldn’t drive the point across. You can tell that the most important aspect of marketing is customers, you need to get customers to purchase your services. No matter what your industry is.

The marketers who are great at what they do, know this principle. They put in time and effort in the trenches.
It’s not enough to compete on price. You need to be different in the way you present your proposal and pitch.

  •  Not Measuring your Margins

If you’re not measuring your margins and focusing on the wrong things, then you have tons to worry about.
I often hear of marketers that start out with huge startup costs: fancy offices, printers, staff and unnecessary costs.

  • Not Pivoting when It’s Needed

The best marketers in the world are able to take information from anywhere and apply it to their current marketing campaigns.

Not all marketing campaigns are a sure-fire win, the majority of businesses and startups are a constant pivot. You can be working on an angle (that you’re sure will work) for months and end up having to change and pivot months down the road.

The majority of marketers will simply give up there and then, you just have to take a step back and see what went wrong. The advantage of digital marketing is that you can pivot fast. You can change your sales copy within a couple of hours. You can run a paid marketing campaign and collect data in a couple of days.