Digital Marketing

Why Your Startup Needs a Digital Marketer

A startup isn’t always heavy on cash and most of the time it’s bootstrapped. Marketing seems like an expense you can do without—at least at the start. However, marketing a startup is an essential part of the whole game plan.

Marketing your startup helps you generate leads, drive more business, and keeps it afloat.

The marketer you hire should have extensive experience in driving organic visitors and customers. He should be able to lead a team that creates both organic and paid ad campaigns employing tried and tested frameworks.

He should be adept at using marketing automation software to automate email marketing to leads, score them and pass on sales qualified leads.

The marketer you hire should also specialize in both product and growth management. As someone with a fresh outlook, they offer a bunch of different unique strategies; their approach is unique and they have the know-how of using multiple marketing tools.

Be clear about the goals and themes on top of your mind, communicate that well and then work toward attracting your target audience with an astute marketing strategy.

Reasons why digital marketing is essential for startups

New brands are getting launched by the day and it’s a bit difficult to keep pace with the changing dynamics of consumer behavior.

The competition is not just trying to oust each other by any means possible but also trying to win the attention of the customer who on average deals with a barrage of hundreds of marketing campaigns directed at him.

The core focus here is to involve skilled people and integrate processes seamlessly and use efficiency as a benchmark for success.

Nowadays creating video content is a trend. You may use a free online video editor and you don’t have to spend that much.

Startups without exception often operate on shoestring budgets and they lack both time and resources to run their marketing effectively. They need to be nimble and have scalable customer experiences.

That’s the reason why digital marketing should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. And who better can deliver a digital marketing experience than a good digital marketer?

How to hire a marketer?

Your needs may be varied and essentially you need a platform that helps you do the following:

  • The platform should have plenty of vetted marketers that are available as part-time or full-time marketers for hire
  • Hiring talent on the platform is easy. No job postings. No browsing through different freelancers and no subscriptions
  • A fully managed platform that finds and vets marketers for you
  • The platform has a client success manager who offers excellent customer support
  • Great for global companies with onshore or offshore talent
  • No minimum hiring requirements. Hire just one part-time freelancer if you want.

1840 is a platform that ticks all the boxes above and does a bit more. Over the years, they onboarded plenty of vetted marketers who are true experts at what they do. The pricing is flexible and suited for your need and does everything completely for your startup’s needs.

A digital marketer creates true engagement

Digital marketing is capable of transforming products and processes with the help of technology and doing it cost-effectively. This helps them edge out other marketing channels and sustain themselves in this competitive space.

Digital marketing brings us closer to advancements that keep happening.

A marketer uses a cohesive strategy to drive growth

Marketing isn’t just merely about selling more products or even services. Marketing is about building and selling your brand. A good marketer understands this well.

Contrary to traditional opinion, digital marketing doesn’t rely on a single medium.

Digital marketing combines organic channels, email, and social media and thus helps a brand grow, delivers an omnichannel experience, automates multiple processes and interactions, and coordinates your activity online.

It operates out of the confines of traditional processes encompassing content marketing, email, and mobile marketing.

A marketer uses the right tools

It’s practically impossible to make a marketing strategy without any tools. People may think that a notebook and the internet are enough for it, but they aren’t. You must have digital marketing tools to:

Another kind of tool is a CRM (abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management) used to boost your digital marketing campaign results by tracking leads and clients.

Our recommendation is Kommo, which allows you to integrate with social media platforms, WhatsApp Business, WordPress, and much more, and also automate your processes.

You understand customers better

Understanding your customer better is part of the commitment to delivering what the customer wants and is often part and parcel of the overall experience.

With technology, customers can get better experiences. And you get access to large amounts of data on your customer. You can track, monitor, analyze and interpret the preferences of the target customer and their behaviors well.

It brings to the fore what’s critical for end consumers. It optimizes your message and delivers it to your audience when they are most receptive.

With the internet finding its way to almost every household with smartphones and tablets, it’s a matter of time before digital marketing gets a gigantic push forward.

Drive success with key metrics

The new age medium of mobile and other communication platforms allows us to bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds.

It’s a medium for mobile marketing and adapting yourselves to all these different platforms is a key part of the world we live in.

A marketer knows which metrics matter the most and you can use their expertise to drum up leads.

You get personalized location-based updates that you can send to customers and identify and club people to different segments based on their customer behavior.

Traditional marketing approaches will be rendered useless in a short time and that’s why digital marketing is the key to the future.

You can use a marketing measurement template to keep stock of things.

A marketing measurement template may include many things like:

  • Your initial list of goals
  • Overview of what happened during the campaign
  • Things that worked well before and the lessons learned
  • Things that didn’t work so well and your learnings from them.

What are the key metrics you should focus on most?

Site traffic

How do most companies measure the success of their sites?

One word: Traffic.

Your site is the base and face of your brand. That’s why all digital marketing efforts should focus on driving traffic. Campaigns must focus on list building and increasing your social capital.

Average Session Duration

Depending on who and what your website serves say an informational blog, eCommerce blog or any other industry for that matter, the time on the site can vary. However, it’s always a good thing to increase the time duration for which visitors stay on a page.

Most Visited Pages

To understand the most important areas of your site look at the most visited pages metric. You can see this under “Behaviors” section on Google Analytics.

The most visited pages metric gives you hold of all sorts of information regarding where the site’s visitors are going and how long they are staying. This shows which kind of content is most useful on your site.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is decidedly different compared to exit rate and the bounce rate is the measure of people who the website after viewing just one page.

This metric can show why visitors are leaving. There can be many reasons:

  • The site takes forever to load
  • People didn’t find what they were looking for

Build your brand’s online presence

Building a brand goes beyond creating a logo. It creates an entire online personality that helps your customers recognize you for the difference you bring to the table.

Branding gives your brand, a voice, its personality, an interesting story, and everything else that suits your business.

Branding also influences the behavior of the customer. When a brand can emotionally connect with the target market with a relevant solution customers are more than likely to be attracted and come back for more.

When you hear names like Amazon or Facebook what comes first to your mind? Also, most of us would be lost without them.

Digital marketing is a cost-effective platform

If you have a website effectively reaching customers don’t cost you much and it will not help scale the number of people who are interested in your brand. With a website, all your customers are only a click away. You can track and scale your growth.

Digital marketing routinely brings better ROI compared to traditional marketing methods that don’t bring as much return.


I hope I answered the question as to why you need a marketer for your business. What do you think of the post? Do let us know in the comments below.