Why you need to Redesign and Redevelop your Website?

With the fast upgrading technology and people desiring the technology to become more and more interactive, very soon the traditionally designed websites will be a thing of the past. There are many signs which show that there is high scope for website redesign and that the company will benefit tremendously with this step towards website redesigning. Below mentioned are a few signs, one should not miss and grasp the opportunity to redesign and redevelop your website.

Mobile responsiveness:

If you want to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or are looking to build an attractive, eye catchy website, a mobile responsive website is the best solution for you. Today people are hooked to their smartphone and tablets, they are inseparable. Right from surfing the internet to checking mails to shopping online, everyone is using their smartphones to access the websites. A majority of your website traffic is from mobile devices. Hence it is very important that your website is mobile responsive, because if it is not, then you will lose a large share of customers who are trying to access your website through their phones or tablets.

A mobile responsive website should be attractive, load quickly and work well on the small screens of mobile devices. It should have good navigation and SEO friendly content. A professional web design company will be able to assist you in building a modern website design which is user friendly and mobile responsive.


If your website was primarily developed with HTML or has not been updated with newer codes in the last decade or more, there are high chances your website is outdated and not mobile responsive.

Driving traffic to your website is important, but keeping those users engaged on your website is more difficult and crucially important. The look and feel of your website, its loading time, easy navigation etc. play a very important role in deciding how much time users choose to spend time browsing your website. An outdated website will not be able to hold on the user’s attention, and they will exit it soon. Few signs which indicate that your website is outdated:

  • Website has used colorful and/or tiled background images
  • Colors used in the text are clashing with the background and are difficult to read.
  • Inappropriate formatting
  • Unstructured layout of the website

Features which were happening and exciting around five or six years ago, may be outdated already. It is important to keep updating your website to retain the web traffic to your website. A professional web design company can give the much required freshness to it and help in website redesigning.


If you have realized that your website is not mobile responsive and that it requires a major facelift, then it is better that you work on the codes too and get them updated. If your website has longer loading time, or the website is still using flash, you need to implement newer and better codes. An experience website development company can help you rewrite the codes and update the existing website, making it mobile responsive and user friendly.


Easy navigation is very essential for user engagement. Easy and simple navigation helps browsers to find their particular information easily. An organized menu or navigation bar is necessary to make your website accessible. An unstructured, cluttered website will lose traffic and have a high bounce rate.

Using a clear uncluttered theme or color scheme which flows easily across the whole website also makes the website appealing. Strategic use of different colours in the website design will connect and bind everything together, in a pleasant, structured package which shows that your website was well thought of and planned.

All of the above signs are interconnected and they all are responsible for making the website modern or outdated. To redesign your website and to make it updated, get it designed by a professional web design company. Once they start working on your website, with their modern design and a modern approach to coding it, there will be no looking back.

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