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Do’s And Don’ts Of Web Designing in 2019

The world of the web is an extremely competitive environment. Web designing in 2019 is gaining more importance, as new upcoming entrepreneurs are trying hard to ensure visitors visit their website. They spend a lot of time and money on trying to build the best websites. However they forget that there is something even more important than getting visitors online, the task of keeping them engaged when they visit the website.

It is a well-known fact that Internet users come with a short attention span, so if your website is unable to grab their attention quickly, they will surely exit the website and never return again. After getting their attention, you also need to ensure that they have a reason to revisit again and also share information about your website with friends, family and social media followers.

A number of factors needs to be considered when developing and designing a website. To make it simple for you, below is a list of do’s and don’ts of Web Designing in 2019, which every web designer should consider before designing a website.

Dos for Web Designing in 2019:

1. Responsive Design:

Viewers can access your website from different devices at different time. Hence it is very important that your web design is responsive. They could be using a desktop or a tablet or a smartphone. The primary requirement for Web Designing in 2019 is that no matter which device is used for browsing a website, nevertheless the viewer should have a similar web experience on each device.

2. Easy Navigation:

When we talk about usability, navigation is the basis for good website. The aesthetics of the website are of no use, if the visitor cannot navigate through the website easily and search what they are looking for. A web designer has to ensure that a website’s navigation is Simple to follow and understand, clear to read and Consistent all across the website. The website navigation should be designed in such a manner that visitors are able to visit any part of the website or search for something specific without clicking too many links.

3. Link Colours:

A very important part of navigation in a website is the colour of the links. Once a viewer clicks on a link, it is important that the colour of the link should change, which will help in indicating to the viewer that the site has been visited. This colour changing of the link will save a user’s time and prevent them from visiting the same page again.

4. Visual Hierarchy:

In normal practice, a visitor generally visits the website and scans through it in one glance. Statistics show that the average attention span of a web user is less than 8 seconds, hence they look through the page quickly and see if any information or image interests them. As a web designer, you need to ensure that the web page has a good visual hierarchy. This means that the important elements of the website should be arranged in a manner to show importance, and which can catch the eye of the on looker in one glance.

Don’ts for Web Designing in 2019:

1. Slow Loading Time:

As discussed earlier, the attention spans of a viewer have been continuously shrinking with each passing year. The average attention span is less than 8 seconds. If you have a slow loading website, this will frustrate the visitors and forcing them to leave the website. As a mantra for Web Designing in 2019, ensure that you give importance to performance of the website as compared to heavy, slow loading flash files or images.

2. Cluttering the Website:

One piece of advice which a web designer should not ignore is not to clutter the website. As cluttering will surely result in losing your visitors. One may get inspired to use fancy elements in the website, to make it attractive and grab attention. However it can result in something completely opposite. If there are many elements on the page, a visitor may get confused on what is important and what should be followed. Also avoid using flashy gimmicks and decorative sign up boxes in front of the main content.

3. Too much promotion:

Posting and running a lot of promotion material on a website can overshadow the actual content on the website. Lots of advertisements and promotion material on a website can make it difficult for viewers to find the information or content they were looking for on the website. Too much exposure to promotions can result in banner blindness, which means that viewers tend to ignore and overlook anything which looks like a banner of advertisement.

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