Understanding Site Abandonment – Causes and Solutions

To minimize cart abandonment, retailers must first understand what causes it. Then, they can focus on solutions that will improve their conversion rates.

The Site Abandonment Survey engages shoppers as they’re about to leave an ecommerce website, so you can gather accurate feedback and save the sale.

Product Page Abandonment

When visitors land on your ecommerce site, they can navigate a few different ways. One is through your product pages. If a visitor makes it to your product page but doesn’t click the “add to cart” button, you miss an opportunity to generate revenue from that visit. This type of abandonment is typically caused by comparison shopping or product uncertainty.

This is also a great time to consider your paid advertising campaigns and channels to drive traffic to your website. Suppose you see a high amount of site abandonment. In that case, you may need to revamp your ad creatives or targeting and use different techniques to get more quality traffic that can convert.

Having clear, to-the-point product descriptions is a must. In addition, providing multiple images and even 360-degree product views is a great way to help shoppers understand what they’re buying and can reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment. Providing various payment options is another simple way to reduce the risk of cart abandonment by giving flexibility to customers. Including this information on product detail pages ensures that customers won’t be surprised when they arrive at the checkout process.

Inquiring with customers who leave without purchasing is essential in improving the site experience. This will give you insights into the underlying issues causing cart abandonment and allow you to make necessary changes. You can do this through exit link surveys or a tool like Exit Intent to trigger messaging when a visitor attempts to navigate away from the current page.

Cart Abandonment

There are a variety of causes of cart abandonment, but the top reason by far is lack of trust. This can be addressed by various solutions, such as testimonials, including social proof such as the faces and bios of your staff members, or offering a money-back guarantee. Inquiring with customers who leave without purchasing can be a powerful strategy for increasing conversions and is particularly effective when combined with retargeting via email.

Search Abandonment

The second most common cause of cart abandonment is search abandonment, wherein visitors begin a search and leave the site without finding what they’re looking for. This can be caused by several factors, such as a problematic search experience or difficulty filtering results. It can be solved by making search functionality more intuitive and reducing the steps required to get the desired results.

Account Abandonment

As web users have grown accustomed to giving out their personal information online, they are often reluctant to provide it to unfamiliar sites. This can result from security concerns or simply a distrust of the site in general. This can be overcome by clearly displaying the security measures taken on your site, informing visitors of the policies and procedures you have in place, and providing customer support through phone or email during business hours. This can go a long way towards building trust and preventing a decrease in sales due to a fear of data loss or hacking.