Top 6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Redesigning

Why does your website need a Redesign? Agreed it is a big decision but your website is the most crucial element of your digital strategy. It is much more important than managing your Instagram and Linkedin profiles. If you ask us, there is no doubt we will say that a website is the most important element of your business. A website not only presents important information about your company and its products, but it is also a place where prospective clients get to know your business and your approach. The website ultimately helps the prospect to make a decision whether to contact you or not.

While most companies have created their web presence, many are exceedingly outdated in communicating effectively with their potential clients. Very similar to changes in fashion over the years or change in house styles, websites and our understanding of technology changes with time. In fact one can say that websites and technology change10 times faster than all other avenues. If your website is not updated and you are still using old communication strategies then there are high chances that you are losing customers. You can use call services to communicate as a team to organize a plan for how your website should be redesigned.

Ask yourself is your website working for you, is it generating you more sales and enquiries.

Most companies have fallen into the trap of having a website just for the sake of it. A good website development and design company will be able to advise you regarding what elements are required to be added to your website. Top 6 elements which will help you revamp your website are:

1. Mobile Friendly

Smart-phones and smart gadgets have become an inseparable part of our lives today. Each and every person owns one and if your website is not mobile friendly then you are surely at a loss. If your website is not compatible for these phones and gadgets, then your customers will surely be finding it difficult to go through your website or to reach you online. First important element you need to work on, is to make your website mobile friendly.

2. New and captivating content

Do you like reading news or stuff which is 2 days old? It is boring right? Then how can you expect your customers to keep returning to your website again and again to read the same old information on your website? To create that edge and have a stronger hold on your customers, it is essential that website is updated with new and captivating content every now and then.

3. SEO friendly

You get new customers, you need to get noticed! Let these prospects know that you exist online by getting yourself ranked higher in Google search results. You can rank higher by ensuring your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Using appropriate keywords, strong internal and external linking and having a strong URL for your website will help improve your rankings. All these efforts will help in improving your website’s SEO and give you higher visibility.

4. Call to Actions

The main reason for maintaining a website is to ensure that users visit the website and make purchases online. To accomplish this sale you will need to make sure your website has a proper call-to-action (CTA). Provide valid contact details on the website or you can prompt your user to leave their email address or contact details with you or you can ask them to visit your store, etc. In short, you need to keep telling the viewers to purchase from you and increase your sales.

5. Attractive Design

It may sound very stereotypical but it is true ‘first impression is the last impression’. You need to design your website attractively and make it easy to navigate.

6. Loading time

Today people are impatient and in this fast-paced life, nobody likes to wait for long. You need to ensure that your website loading time is not more than 4 seconds. A further delay will surely affect your business as Google’s search algorithm will push your website lower in its search results.

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