Tips For Business Leaders

Google has a wealth of resources and tools that can be invaluable to businesses of all sizes and structures. Google Workspace offers a combination of cloud computing, collaboration, analytic and communication tools and is excellent value for money. You should understand how to use Google solutions to your advantage.

There is a lot to learn, but the return will be well worth the investment. Here are some of our top tips to help businesses make the most of Google solutions.

Share Documents With Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent cloud computing and storage tool. It allows your employees to access and edit documents wherever they are, making it a vital option for businesses with multiple locations as well as hybrid and remote working businesses. Drive also makes it easy to search for content within documents stored there, giving it a practical edge over other popular cloud storage and computing solutions.

Include The Right Keywords

You should ensure that your business profile with Google includes keywords that will help prospective customers find your business. To find keywords, you can use tools like Google Trends. It is important to use keywords naturally in your business profile and avoid keyword stuffing which can be detrimental to your Google ranking.

Add Images And Videos To Your Profile

Another great way to make the most of your Google Business Profile is to include plenty of images and videos of your business, services, and products. You should ensure the photos are good quality, and it may help to hire a professional photographer to help you get some good shots that will showcase your business positively.

Respond To Reviews

Reviews are crucial. Customers often use reviews to decide whether to use a business. While it is important to try and ensure the majority of reviews are positive, the occasional negative review is not typically cause for concern. It can actually be more encouraging for customers, who may be suspicious of page after page of glowing reviews.

If you receive negative reviews, it is a good idea to respond to them. You should do so politely and professionally and avoid becoming argumentative. Responding to reviews gives you the chance to counter a reviewer’s assertions and provide solutions to issues where necessary.

Hire An Experienced IT Support Consultancy

Using an IT support consultancy can be invaluable to help you navigate the various Google solutions on offer. You should look for a business with extensive experience in IT and working with Google tools specifically who can even help in case of
negative search results. Choose an IT consultancy with experience in Google Workspace and solutions, so you can trust that they will have the skills to support you and provide you and your team with the services you need.

Integrate Google Calendar For Easier Scheduling

Google Calendar is a fantastic way to make your scheduling easier. By integrating your entire teams’ schedules into the calendar, it makes it quick and easy to schedule meetings, training and other appointments. It is crucial to ensure that every team member uses their Google Calendar so that you will always be able to access accurate information on when employees will be available.

Host Meetings Using Google Meet

Google meet is a fantastic way to host meetings. It can be used when connected to the internet or using a dial-in phone option. This allows staff from various locations to join a meeting quickly and easily, improving collaboration and communication.

Send Out Surveys To Staff And Customers

Getting opinions, ideas and suggestions on how your business can improve can be invaluable. Job satisfaction is crucial to retaining your most talented employees, so letting them know you value their input can be invaluable. You could consider sending out an anonymised survey using Google Forms that allows employees to speak their minds freely. You should ensure you act upon the feedback you receive and inform your team how you will do so.

Sending surveys to customers can help improve the customer experience. You could consider offering a reward to customers who complete a survey, such as a free gift or discount with their next order.

Enjoy Enhanced Security

All Google solutions come with extensive and robust security provisions. This can be invaluable to prove your dedication to protecting your customers’ private data. “Plus, it is a requisite if you want to protect your intellectual property such as trade secrets and upcoming patent ideas that are of great commercial significance.” Google Cloud also allows you to back up your data in the event that a critical disruption occurs. This is known as a disaster recovery plan and can be invaluable to ensure your business’s data is secure at all times.

Provide Online Training

Google Hangouts makes it easy to train multiple team members across various sites. Hangouts can be used for one-off training, live employee training, or to show stored videos. You can also catalogue your training materials for your employees to access at a time that suits them.