Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

Lawyers have a breadth of knowledge about complex legal topics. Some may think that their knowledge should be enough to get clients and run a successful firm. Marketing, however, can be important for lawyers or their staff as well.

The legal market can be cutthroat and complicated. In order to help clients find you, it may be useful to consider marketing strategies. Thinking more about what story your law firm tells, how it tells that story and how people receive the story can boost your business.

1. Your Brand

Whether you are part of an existing law firm or just starting out, you may already have certain things you think of as aspects of a brand: a logo, letterhead and an office.

A brand is more than just aesthetics, though. It can be important to think of your story and why you do what you do.

A brand story can be a major factor in setting you apart from other firms in your area. Clients may be interested in your expertise, but they also may find they resonate with your reasons for practicing. Telling your story can help you reach clients who might not otherwise consider you.

2. Your Presence

Having a story usually isn’t enough to bring clients in the door. If people don’t know how to find out more about you, they probably won’t hear your story in the first place. In our modern world, many firms find a digital presence to be important.

Do you have a website? They can be useful, and a well-designed website can communicate important information as well as an air of professionalism.

In addition, social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn may be a way to talk directly to your audience. If they like you enough, they may even share your business with their friends online!

While building your online presence, you may also want to consider a search engine optimization strategy. Having lawyer SEO on your site, including keywords and phrases, can elevate it in search results and make it easier for potential clients to find you.

3. Your Future

Once you’ve started to work on marketing, don’t stop! Technology, trends and audiences change over time. If you set up your marketing strategy and then ignore it, you may lose out on clients or become increasingly irrelevant over time.

It can be productive to check in on your marketing strategy from time to time. If you have the personnel resources, you may even want to consider dedicating a staff member to checking your marketing results. Keeping an eye on your strategies can tell you what’s going well and what needs to be updated.

Having legal knowledge is important when running a law firm, but so is having marketing knowledge.

Knowing what makes you unique and expressing that clearly to audiences can set you apart from the competition and help clients find you. Taking the time to learn and implement marketing strategies can help you down the road and ensure success for your legal firm.