Importance of images for web design

The phrase “a picture speaks louder than words” is often used in the field of marketing, to illustrate the importance of images to sell a product. We live in a society which gives immense value to pictures, images, and photography. This has been the social trend over hundreds of years. This visual nature is etched in our human psyche and has its roots strong. In today’s digital world, when practically everyone is 24/7 on a mobile device, and the social media is extensively targeted with uploaded images, it proves that we all favor photos and images to words.

While developing your web design, it is very important that you do not forget our visual culture leanings. You should use photos, drawings, graphics, and other images which are relevant and have a powerful impact. Looking at the pictures should evoke emotions among the users and they should spur up to take some action

Another reason why photos or images are preferred is that they help in building an instant contact and emotional attachment between the company and the online viewers. It is proved that people tent to take most of their decisions based on their sentiments, rather than logic. If you are able to attract them with images which are motivating, you will surely be rewarded.

However keep in mind, that you cannot use any pictures or images for building an impactful, successful website.

The images used should have the following characteristics:

  • Originality: Gone are the days of stock footage. Though one can use stock photography once in a while, one needs to be extremely careful. Don’t forget there are high chances that your competitor may also end up using the same images on their website.
  • Human Touch: Humans like to see humans, the like to see images showing people using the products. Seeing people who look similar in gender, ethnicity or culture adds a human touch to the image and the product. Though all the pictures on your site like ecommerce-related cannot include people, try to incorporate at least a few images with a human touch.
  • Professional photography: Nobody is interested in seeing a boring picture of your team looking bored and listening to a lecture. You need to spice up the pictures by involving a professional photographer who can help add personality to the images. Spice up all the images of your team, customers, vendors, volunteers, etc.
  • Inclusion of text: Though not every photo is required to have a caption, but some pictures may benefit with a caption or few words. Adding phrases or captions can help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) through keyword insertion.

Incorporating Photos into Your Website

After selecting the pictures and photos, now is the time to plan how you will incorporate them into your website. Some images will have people in them, some will display only the products. Some images may be required only as background material or for some company significance.

“How-To” Images: Do you have content or material which can describe how to use your products? Add a visual element to this content by creating “how-to” photos. Use images to explain the process or method to use the product or service. You can illustrate the text, and break it up to make reading easier.

“Before” and “After” images: If you are into a service industry, including “before” and “after” images or photos, can be a wonderful way to provide an enticing reason to the viewer choose your company.

Positive attributes: A picture or series of them can be used to highlight an organization’s positive attributes and their benefits over the competition. This will help the viewer in remembering the benefits at a later date.

Highlight the products aspects: You can add close-up pictures detailing the important aspects of the product? Using professional photography and captioning, you will be able to highlight the essential aspects of the products.

Educating: To create a socially responsible image, you should always take up opportunities where you can educate your website visitors. Create better informed and educating website by using some good images.

With AI photo editing features from tools like Picsart, you can ensure that your images are captivating and communicate your message effectively.

Websites which use images well can sell a lifestyle, an idea or product. An image helps to sell the features instantly by providing clear and accurate information about the product. Always make sure to select photos which can become a part of your website design. Without images, your website will be forgettable, plain, and text-heavy.

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