Social Media Marketing

How to make a psychologist’s Instagram account successful

To fully design an account that will generate income and sell a service, you need to work on the profile style, content, and promotion.

For psychologists, it is equally important to choose a style that will not bug or oppress potential clients. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at all the stages of designing a psychologist’s page that will help you promote your account without the need to buy Instagram followers

How to choose a name for a psychologist on Instagram

In order to choose a clear name for the account that will inform the target audience about your service, you need to specify, in addition to the name, the type of activity and location.

You should indicate your first name, last name and the city in which you work. If your potential clients search for a psychologist from New York in a search engine, then a link to your account will appear in the list if you specified the name and city.

If you develop your profile enough, then the link can take the first place in the search results. Therefore, generate your name for your Instagram account based on the possible requests of your target audience.

If you are actively promoting on the platform (like others, buy ads from colleagues), then you need to think about the nickname, because users will see your nickname in the first place. If it hooks users right away, then you don’t have to buy real Instagram followers to increase your audience.

How to create a content plan for a psychologist

The content plan includes all your posts that you publish in your account. With the help of a plan, you can think over topics for posts in advance and unsubscribe them in advance so that you always have time to post on time.

All blog posts are divided into three groups: selling, entertaining and informational. Through sellers, you advertise services, describe a product and encourage subscribers to buy or order.

Through entertainment, you benefit or entertain subscribers, for example, posts with pranks, posts with tasks in psychology.

Informational posts help to tell more about your business. You can discuss the profession, talk about the types of clients and their features.

So that the content is not of the same type, you need to alternate the types of posts. For example, first informational, then entertaining, and at the end of the week selling.

We recommend posting more informational texts and selling posts to emphasize your expertise. Of all the content, these posts will make up 80% of the posts, with the remaining 20% ​​being entertaining.

A month, try to publish either regularly or 3-4 posts a week. In the plan, write down each day of the week with the type of content, the topic of the post, and the time of publication. Color-code the type of content for convenience.

Ideas for psychologist stories

In addition to the content for the posts, you need to think over the topics for the stories. Try these ideas:

  1. A selection of the best books to help you get to know yourself.
  2. What techniques do psychologists use during sessions with clients?
  3. Describe in detail how the session with you is going.
  4. Amazing facts in psychology.
  5. Dangerous psychology: past cases where psychologists used wrong or immoral therapies.

Focus on the best, peep ideas and methods from professionals and popularity will not keep you waiting!