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How An Animated Explainer Video Can Help Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Why tell me when you can show!

Yes, we all know that written content is the heart of everything. There is no such thing that you can convey without textual content.

However, textual content is not everything that your website has to offer. With other digital marketing techniques, like illustration, graphic designing, and animation, you can set the tone and mood without having to construct beautiful sentences, which might even get overlooked sometimes.

So, now that we have brought upon the subject of animation let us discuss a little more about it.

We all know that with so many options coming about, audiences are losing their attention span to read through novellas.

So, animations can be an excellent way for you to start grabbing their attention. You can learn more about the different branding tools of website building from the experts.

Why Not Just Video?

Now, many might ask why not we are simply making a video?

Why animation?

There are a lot of twists and twists you can add to your animated video, which might not be possible with non-fictional video.

Now, many might say that we have CGI now!

But, it still does not have the same effect as an animated video will have because they have a record of keeping people more hooked to the screen.
So, if you are opting for video animation services, animate it!

How Animated Explainer Is Better

According to digital marketing experts, these are some of the reasons why you need animated videos for your promotion.

1. They Simplify Concepts

Every time you want people to read through your content, it is either something that will require some patience or some comprehension.

If it is something interesting that you want your audience to immediately understand and get excited about, then animated videos are the way to go. They simplify the concept and make it much easier to understand. Feel free to use an animation maker to make things even more easier.

2. Videos Have A Tendency To Go Viral

Your animated video, if done correctly with the utmost creativity and good SEO, there is a fair chance for you to go viral.

It doesn’t have to be a 2000-word article that people might not read completely. It could just be a one-minute video that can hook a serial scroller on social media immediately.

3. It Is Psychologically More Engaging

We remember colored and moving pictures more than words. Therefore, if you wish to create a more long-lasting impact on your audience psychologically, you should opt for animated video.

This is because people are more likely to associate colors with mood. Thus, a vibrant animated video can instantly lift up one’s mood.

4. Mobile Friendly

Just imagine someone on a commute trying to read an article through the jerks or trying to understand infographics.

Although some might opt for it, no one can deny that watching a video over the phone is much more accessible than anything else. Now, if this video is animated, you already know that you are gaining more attention than usual.

5. They Are Versatile

There is no particular niche or brand who are more fit to use an animated video, and the others aren’t.

According to research, animating anything can instantly give the audience to look at the brand from a new perspective. If you wish to increase your brand value, then animated videos are the way to go.

Plus, you can use it for anything. They could be a website starter or a youtube video for your upcoming channel.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which can help you understand more about the animated video could help you further.

1. What Are Explainer Videos?

Ans. These are simple, engaging animated videos that can help you explain complex scenarios to your viewers coming to your website.

2. Why Do I Need To Have An Animated Explainer Video For Marketing Strategy?

Ans. Some marketing strategies can be very niche-oriented, and not everyone would understand them. If you wish to pitch an idea with perfection to your potential customer, then animated videos are the way to do it.

3. Why is animation good For Advertisements?

Ans. A good advertisement needs a vast array of imagination. Thus, the animation is a good way to give fuel to that animation when planning for an advertisement.