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Growth Channels for Passive Lead Generation

Developing and nurturing passive lead generation channels for your business can feel like putting growth on autopilot. Leads feel like they’re landing in your lap. The beauty is that they’re some of the easiest leads to convert. People are coming to you voluntarily. The need for persuasion and hard marketing tactics is less and less. You can simply nurture the relationship until they’re ready to convert.

The 5 Best Passive Lead Generation Channels For Growth

It sounds almost too good to be true. How do you get these leads to almost magically fall into your lap? It’s down to your passive lead generation strategies. These are switches that can be flicked. They’re systems that take time to build and orchestrate. Once they’re in place, they’ll do almost all of the heavy lifting for you.

Build A Winning Blog

Blog, articles, resources, library, whatever you want to call it, generate content for it. Your blog is one of your best resources when it comes to developing your brand’s search engine optimization. Each article becomes a searchable piece of content, plus you have the added benefit of it becoming a resource that you can use.

When you’re talking with a customer, your blog can easily be shared as a resource or a helpful pointer that is tailored to their situation. If you’ve got a plan in place where you’re writing well-crafted, value-driven content this will be appreciated by both Google and your prospects.

The content also serves as a valuable set of landing pages for your paid advertising campaigns. You can make the management of these campaigns easy using tools such as Facebook ads software.

Film Video Content

In a similar way to blogs, a library of videos, both on and off your own website, can be a great way to passively deliver leads. Once your video is hosted somewhere, anyone can find it and access the information within it. It’s why how-to videos have hundreds of thousands of views on them on YouTube.

Once people have watched your content, they might build an affinity with you. Then they might subscribe to your videos and eventually become one of your customers. Video content is also incredibly shareable. If people are educated or entertained, they may share your video and suddenly your outreach is being done for you.

Build A Referral Marketing Scheme

There is some effort in the initial stages of setting up the scheme, but that’s no different from the previous examples. To achieve a passive lead generation channel you do need to put in some effort to begin with. Referral marketing seeks to leverage your existing customers by incentivizing them to send you new customers.

Often this is through what is known as a two-sided referral scheme. That means that your current customer receives a reward for introducing the new customer. The new customer also receives some sort of incentive for signing up with you. By implementing referral marketing software, you can efficiently manage these incentives and ensure both sides benefit seamlessly from the arrangement.

That could be in the form of a discount, an extended free trial, an upgrade, or even a voucher of some sort for a third-party company. As your current customers are incentivized, they start to do your marketing for you.


Employing someone in your customer service role is both an active form of lead generation and an expensive one. A chatbot, however, can fill the role without the need for human input. Chatbots have become considerably more sophisticated with the advent of integrations with AI. They can interface with your knowledge banks, answer common customer queries, and even conduct some sales conversations.

Email Marketing

You’d be forgiven for thinking that email was an active lead-generating channel, and it is. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a passive channel too. With the right email marketing tool, you’re able to automate many email sequences.

Using a combination of your email tool and automation software such as Zapier, you could create a flow. This could be where someone downloads a lead magnet on your website and then receives a series of emails to nurture your relationship.

Send the right emails, with the right valuable content, and you’ll have passive leads flowing into your inbox.

Key Takeaways

Almost all passive lead generation channels will require some form of active input to begin with. The key element is that eventually, they’ll work on their own with a minimal amount of effort on your or your business’s part.

  • If you want to make the most out of your current customers, referral marketing will work wonders for you.
  • Content marketing comes in many forms and your blog is arguably the most powerful section of it.
  • Once a passive channel is in place you’ll still need to check in on it regularly to maintain it.