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Can Slideshows Create a Big Impact on Your Web Design?

The use of slideshows in web design draws mixed opinions. Some web designers feel that they add to the aesthetics and engagement. Others feel that they could distract the online visitor from the messaging.

Our article will explore whether slideshows create a significant impact on web design. We will give both sides of the argument and perhaps reach a conclusion. Let’s dive into this exciting discussion.

To Use or Not To Use Web Slideshows in a Web Design

You may find some people referring to the slideshow as a slider. Slideshows help organize information. It allows for a clean presentation in an easy-to-digest, visually attractive manner.

Proponents argue that the correct usage of sliders can improve the user experience. It can be beneficial for digital marketing.

The simplest definition of a slider or slideshow is a series of images that appear in a sequential manner. The designer will typically put it on the homepage. What makes it interactive is the constant movement. It occurs due to automatic rotation through the use of a timer.

Online visitors can also control the images manually. It allows them to interact with the content better. They can take as much time as they wish, viewing the images that capture their interest.

You can use sliders to showcase different projects. If you are an interior designer, you can showcase your work by using different images. You could start from the entrance and allow online visitors to tour the whole house using a sequence of images.

Arguments against the Use of Slideshows

As we stated, some people feel slideshows should not have a place in web design. Some of the reasons they put forward include:-

  • Online visitors may view them as advertising. It may end up turning them off the website.
  • Slideshows can be frustrating to use, which can result in low conversion rates.
  • Sliders may interfere with the user experience due to banner blindness. You have probably suffered from the condition without being quite aware. What it means is you do not take in all the information on the slides. Rather, you focus more on the images. For digital marketers, it can be a great loss because the main aim is to push specific messages.
  • Sliders can have a negative impact on SEO. The use of high-resolution images may affect page loading speed. Some sliders are not very responsive on mobile.

Arguments In Favor Of the Use of Slideshows

It is only fair that we share the other side of the argument. There are several advantages to having slideshows on your web design. Such include:-

  • Ability to present information in an organized manner. Let’s say, for example, you are conducting market research. A SWOT analysis template for PowerPoint can help highlight the salient points in a digestible manner. With a glance at the presentation, the online visitor will know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market.
  • The incorporation of Visual cues adds to the aesthetic appeal of the homepage.
  • You can improve the functionality of your website with the correct use of sliders.
  • By presenting the information in an easy-to-digest manner, sliders do help improve the user experience. Further, the online visitor has the option of manually controlling the slides. It means that they only consume what is of interest to them. It brings in the benefit of engagement and better interaction with content.
  • By consolidating information and images onto a slider, you get to save on valuable space.

When And How to Use Slideshows in A Web Design

To get the full value of slideshows, it is important to know when and how to use them. Start by determining whether the website will benefit from a slideshow.

It requires a good understanding of your audience. Secondly, determine what kind of information they look for or engage with most.

Where to Use Slideshows in the Web Design

Be strategic about where you use slideshows. They are fantastic for:-

  • Portfolios – which allows you to organize and showcase your projects. Refer to our example above of an interior designer.
  • Informational sliders, especially on corporate homepages. Summarize salient points about your company, including product and service offering. Show what makes you unique. If possible, include visual cues to generate more interest.
  • New content and top blog posts to generate more interest in the content on the website.
  • Product tours in a series of steps to break down large chunks of information.
  • Ecommerce options including categories, new and most popular products.

How to Use Sliders Effectively

Now that you know where to use slideshows let us look at how to use them properly. It allows for better usability resulting in a fantastic UX.

  • Navigation

Use buttons, thumbnails, and numbers to help with navigation. Be careful though, only have what is necessary.

Otherwise, you may end up confusing the online visitor. Buttons should, for example, be above or under the slider. You can also place them on the sides to show the next or previous slides

  • Transitions and user control

Pick the right transition style and ensure it is smooth. Also, be careful that it is not distracting. Slide-to-slide transitions, for example, may not be as effective as a fade transition.

Give the option of manual and auto so that the online visitor has more control over the recommendation slides.

The first slide should be the most impactful. Make it the default Auto slide. You can then allow the online visitor to manually navigate through the rest.

Do not try and include too much information in the sliders. Remember, you are trying to simplify the messaging.

  • Images

Think about the images you will use. They should be attractive enough to capture attention. They must also have relevance to your messaging. Even your logos should be high-quality so you can opt to hire professional

High-resolution images are essential. But, optimize them so that they do not interfere with the page loading speeds.

Coming Back to the Main Question; Are Slideshows Significant In Web Design?

Can slideshows create a significant impact on your web design? On this question, we will take the side of the proponents.

Slideshows can have an impact if you use them correctly. The web designer must focus on the UX to increase engagement with the website content.