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Apps You Need to Never Lose Track of Deadlines

Every student knows the struggle of balancing their studies, job, and social life. Juggling all your responsibilities and still having the energy to socialize at the end of the week is an art that not everyone can unlock.

That’s when having management apps is a saving grace. Many of them are specifically designed for young specialists and top management, but they are also perfect for students.

A key to keeping up with all of your deadlines is avoiding distractions and procrastination, prioritizing, and reminders. In some cases, the redistribution of assignments with EssayPro allows you to master everything in time. The rest would rely on consistency. As soon as you plan your habit, you won’t miss a deadline in your life.

Why would you need a time management app?

Many people think that making a to-do list will do most of the work needed for them to become more productive. It’s true that for some people, it’s enough to put the list where you see it and write out all tasks you are to complete. Yet, if you have to deal with a variety of tasks of different urgency and importance, productivity software eases the process and keeps you updated about them.

Productivity apps allow you to get much more advantages when you figure out the best ones for you. To name a few helpful features that are a bonus for your daily routines:

  • Editing your tasks and adding notes is much easier with productivity software. It’s much more eco-friendly and reduces your spending on notes and other supplies.
  • Prioritizing your tasks is a matter of a few clicks.
  • You can track your work status and change your plans.
  • You are always aware of your schedule.
  • You can compare your progress on different tasks over time.
  • You can communicate with your classmates over group projects and organize your study process efficiently.
  • You can integrate your progress with other apps. For instance, you can add your language learning app to schedule and track your use of social media and other tools that you often use.

As a result, your studying and working experience can turn into something you can control. Not to mention how you will reduce stress and anxiety during the semester.


Evernote is one of the best apps designed for students who are dealing with research and writing, especially when using an online study tool to access notes. For example, you can find these counseling session notes to help with your research studies while taking notes on Evernote.

It allows you to create tasks and manage them accordingly, scan documents, save web pages, and integrate your Google Calendar into the app. Not only does it help you keep track of your deadlines, but you can also boost your creativity and improve your studying process.

You can manage all of your tasks even when you’re not connected to the internet. It’s also a quite affordable option in comparison to many other similar apps.

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is one of the best apps to connect your devices and primary apps to keep track of all assignments and tasks. It’s a perfect easy-to-use tool to create schedules, break your tasks into subtasks, and always remember the essays you need to finish. It also has all the essential features to make your experience as smooth as possible, whether you plan a party or work on a group project. It also offers some features not present in other management apps.

Remember the Milk is a must-have for students who want to get control over their tasks. It’s affordable and user-friendly.


If you are a big list aficionado and you want fast-loading and multi-platform optimized software, Todoist is designed for you. It is an easy-to-navigate interface to avoid feeling overwhelmed and uses gamification as a part of its design. What’s gamification? You are encouraged to stay productive by gaining points, streaks, and levels as you progress with your tasks.

Todoist has all the essential features of task management software like milestone tracking, templates, activity log, and notifications. You also can integrate it with third-party platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and Zapier.

This software is a sight for sore eyes with a clean and clutter-free interface. Even if you have no previous experience with using task management apps, you can easily get on board with all its features. It’s perfect for research tasks, scheduling, and booking. is perfect for personal organization, team projects, calendar integration, and smart reminders.

You can set reminders for single and recurring tasks for your daily routine. Never miss a task with checklist and task import features.


Infinity is one of the most flexible and adaptable task management apps out there. It has unique customization features, a clutter-free interface, and easy-to-manage folders, items, and boards. In addition to custom tasks, the app offers more than fifty ready-made templates to use. You also get a unique opportunity to integrate Clockify, Zapier, and other apps to make your experience smoother.

Infinity is perfect for personal and team projects that you never want to miss. Your data is always safe with its storage and activity logs.


Planwiz is a comprehensive daily planner for task management designed to ensure you never miss a deadline again. Whether you’re a student juggling multiple assignments or a professional managing various projects, A digital planner for iPad has you covered. Its intuitive interface allows for effortless task creation and organization, prioritizing your workload with ease.

What sets Planwiz apart is its offline accessibility, ensuring productivity even when you’re on the go or lacking internet connection. Additionally, seamless integration with other productivity tools enhances workflow efficiency, while its affordable pricing makes it accessible to all. With daily planner templates by your side, staying on top of deadlines has never been simpler.


Even though Asana may be designed specifically for industry projects, you can start using it while in college. Then it will be an unconscious practice to stay organized and carry out all your tasks like a pro. Asana keeps track of all of your tasks and saves the progress. It’s a next-gen document and task management with task tracking and collaboration features (with an in-built conversations feature).

You can avoid cluttering and misunderstandings with Asana’s easy-to-navigate interface. It’s also integratable, meaning you can merge data from other apps. You also can export all data you need and use in-built analytics.

There are many Asana alternatives to choose from according to your requirement and budget.


Some productivity apps are indeed more efficient for students than others. It’s a case for OmniFocus, whose main goal is to increase your productivity and prioritize tasks that matter. It’s much more fun to work with this user-friendly app that allows you to effectively filter projects, sort tasks, and share them with your groupmates when working on a project. OmniFocus stands out with its non-trivial design and opportunity to sync all you need.

You can add notes and comments to your tasks, sort them by tags and priority, and always stay updated about upcoming events. OmniFocus also integrates Siri and allows you to edit tasks in batches.


Habitica immediately stands out from other time management apps for a good reason. It appeals to people who can be motivated by the game experience. It turns boring tasks into an enjoyable experience where you level up your character with each assignment completed. Whether you will use it for your daily routines or studying, you would never want to miss your deadline.

It’s similar to Forest, where you can grow a garden when staying focused on your task, but better. The unique interface and design make Habitica a choice number one for people who love gamifying their daily routines. It’s also completely free to join and try.

The bottom line

Time management apps are tools to support you, but they rarely do all the work you need them to do. Regardless of your final choice, practicing time management should become your habit. As you continuously keep track of your tasks and assignments, you become more self-aware and attentive to details.