6 Must Have Features for E-commerce Sites

You have a plan to expand your business and spread your wings crossing the boundaries of the country you belong?

You also have a plan to start selling your products and services online. You are aware as what you want to sell and to which set of clients. But is it enough to start your online business?

Well, No and you need to seek the assistance of a ecommerce website development company Mumbai to design and develop an e commerce portal for you through which you can connect with the prospects of your products globally.

First it is important to know for you as what are the key features which are must to have in an e commerce site:

It should be easy to use: E-commerce sites need to be one offering competitive advantage rather than offering troublesome experience.

High resolution product and service images or videos: People should know what you are offering or how the product will look after receiving. To maintain transparency it is advisable that your site should have High resolution product and service images or videos.

Mobile Friendly site: These days be it any site normal or e commerce all need to be responsive in every platform. There is a high increase in mobile shoppers and so it’s important to have a mobile friendly site.

Consumer reviews: Customers reviews are a must for the success of any business. So make it user friendly so that online shoppers can find it easy to share their views on products directly on the site with access of approval at your end. We all prefer to read reviews before we shop. Use of plug-in can be done here.

Wish list: This is one of the most important features of an e commerce site. This will increase the volume of sale too. If customer like something which they want to buy later they can add it in wish list and shop later.

Special Offers: Most e-commerce sites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc. Next-level e-commerce sites take advantage of the prime real estate in the header section to promote special offers!